Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nazis Everywhere

With all the cyberspace and printer's ink that has been used up in criticism and defense of statements made by Bishop Daniel Jenky of the Peoria Diocese, it is amazing that no one has pointed out the delicious irony in the Bishop's statements.

Jenky outraged many by invoking the name Hitler in his criticism of the President's health care policy, and yet no one has pointed out that this same bishop begins every mass with a prayer for an ACTUAL Nazi!

When Joseph Ratzinger ascended to the papacy as Benedict XVI, a damning photo circulated the web of the new Pope at age fourteen proudly sporting a Nazi youth uniform complete with swastika emblem.

Apologists for the Pope then and now have stated that the boy was forced by law into the uniform. 
Apparently all boys of a certain age were mandated into Hitler Youth membership.

While this may well be true, the Book of Saints is full of persons (even children) who held to their faith and refused to bow to evil.

 This Pope chose otherwise.

As the Peoria Bishop calls on his goose-stepping supporters to flood the newspapers and websites with words of support, it is clear to the rest of us who the true Nazis are.