Saturday, January 8, 2011

- Theater Review - Blue Man Group

Peoria Civic Center Theater continued their 2010-2011 season with "Blue Man Group".
This offering presented a night of high-tech lighting, video, animation, and bone-jarring percussion.
The show included audience participation, slapstick humor, and giant balls and streamers shot into the crowd.

In my review of last season's "Cirque Dreams Illumination", I included this line:

"...this ain't really theater."

This statement is equally true here.

I understand the Peoria Civic Center's desire to expand their repertoire in an attempt to draw in more people, and evidently this is working well for them. 
Friday night's opening performance enjoyed a packed house of enthusiastic people of all ages.  The crowd loved this show.

However, the theater snob in me believes that shows like this and "Cirque" have no place in a Broadway Theater Series. 

Perhaps next year the PCC Theater can introduce a separate "Las Vegas Theater Series".

"Blue Man Group" has its final performance tonight.


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