Friday, April 15, 2011

The Sky Is Falling At Bradley U !!

Is anyone else getting weary of all the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair over WCBU's format change?

It seems every other day brings a new whining letter to the editor or online posting over the public radio station's decision to change from a classical music/news format to all news/talk.

One well-known Patroness of the Arts was so upset, that in her rush to telephone in her outrage, she fell and broke her hip!

To those of you who simply cannot continue living without your daily dose of the 1750 hit parade, let me offer a suggestion. 

Go immediately to Best Buy or K-Mart or any other venue selling recorded music.
I guarantee they will have a bin of 99¢ CDs of this genre. 
They are cheap and prolific because....well, nobody wants 'em.

Use that $25 that you gave to WCBU last year (and assumed you were paying everyone's salary) and buy enough CDs to play all day.

As for me, I will continue to enjoy "Morning Edition" every day and "This American Life" when I can catch it.
And I just sent my increased check to help pay for them.

Oh, and in that little memo portion of the check, I wrote "In Honor Of Esther Cohen's Hip".

Please consider upping YOUR support to make up for the boycotters.



Anonymous said...

How heartless, Paul.

Paul R Day said...

Hello Anonymous (that's a catchy name!)

I guess one man's humor is another woman's heartlessness...