Monday, June 27, 2011

Van Auken Crosses a Line

uncouth (n-kth)
lacking in good manners, refinement, or grace

Speaking on the racial rant by local blowhard and president of the Altamont Park Neighborhood Association Paul Wilkinson, this quote by Barbara Van Auken in the Peoria Journal Star is simply unbelievable:

"We have some very gullible new council members who were dumb enough to believe him," she said.

To publicly call Akeson and Weaver "gullible" and "dumb" for responding to ANY constituent is over the top, even for someone as uncouth as the 2nd district rep.

Doesn't the council have rules against that type of incivility between council members?

I speak for many in the 2nd district when I say we are sick and tired of BVA playing politics with everything and everyone  (Her feud with Wilkinson is well known).

Our own little Empress Nero, she continues to fiddle while Peoria burns.

She further states in the PJStar article that the situation is a "national embarrassment".

Ms. Van Auken continues to be a LOCAL EMBARRASSMENT.

Barbara, you owe an apology not only to the council members you have defamed, but to your constituents as well.

Actually, the best apology of all would be your immediate resignation!


Pres said...

Unfortunately, Turner & Spain won't race to second this motion.

Tremont Blinds said...

Well for Barbara, its not easy to apologized. You owe her on that!

Paul R Day said...

To my knowledge no apology was ever least no public apology.