Monday, July 11, 2011

That Phone Call From Steve Pierz

When I was a Historic Preservation Commissioner, I voted against allowing the Paulson-Pierzes to put vinyl siding on their High Street property in accordance with the Historic Preservation Ordinance at that time.

Both Pierz and his wife work at the same major employer as I do.
When I returned to my desk following that HPC meeting (the initial public hearing), I received a call from Pierz from his Mossville office. Our office phones have caller-ID, and I answered "Hello, Steve".

He began with these exact words (I wrote them down):

"You dirty scum-sucking dog."

He then chuckled and went on with a "just kidding" attitude, but it definitely was not funny to me.

I called HR after the call to ask if they kept a record of phone calls. They said they did not unless I wanted to file a harassment incident, which I declined to do at that time.

I knew the Paulson-Pierzes on a superficial social level. I had been to their house on a couple group occasions and they probably had been to mine.

However, I did not know them well enough to take such a comment as a joke.

And with his wife in a position of relative power at work (reporting directly to a vice-president) in my building, the threat and the implication were very clear to me.

Someone who would resort to threats and intimidation in an attempt to influence a case before a city commission is not someone I would trust to serve on ANY commission.

Mayor Ardis calls statements made by HP Commissioner Tim Herold "disturbing" in today's PJStar. 

I wonder why Ardis does not consider Pierz's statements to me to be equally disturbing.


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WilliamMoss said...

How can Steve Pierz be considered a competent commissioner on the HPC when he fought the City to put vinyl on an historic home?? I am truly worried about my investment on my historic home now that there is a commissioner who will likely vote to allow people to defile historic properties with inappropriate materials like vinyl.