Sunday, October 23, 2011

- Theater Review - Wicked

I have procrastinated in putting up a review of "Wicked", now playing at the Peoria Civic Center Theater, because...well, what more can be said?

Oh, alright, here goes:

"Wicked" is without a doubt, the theater event of the season here in Peoria.
With so many performances, this is a show that will attract many theater people, as well as folks who will see only this one show this year.

This is one of those shows that truly does have something for everyone. 

The book is a clever reassignment of relationships for iconic characters whom everyone knows.  These relationships are revealed in a believable behind-the-scenes retelling of the Oz story.

In addition, the show has a wonderful score of memorable songs with beautiful lyrics. 
Foremost amongst these are "For Good", with words that can be used to describe all those people who "come into our lives for a reason"; "Defying Gravity", an uplifting (pun intended!) declaration of self-realization and the power of confidence;  "Dancing Through Life", a song that may well describe the "unexamined life" led by far too many today; and "Wonderful", a song that says much about our lives in modern day America.

In addition to the music, the dancing, and the fine voices of all the principals, this show delivers what has become a major draw in American Musical Theater - sheer Spectacle!

The staging and special effects are guaranteed to wow all attendees!
From the Witch's defying of gravity, to Glinda's bubble, to flying monkeys, to rain in the woods, this production is a wonder of modern stage technology.

As I said, this is the major Theater Event of the year here in Peoria...
Don't be the only one to miss it!


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